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Thank You For All The Support!

2024 Hit-a-thon fundraiser recap

2024 Hit-a-thon fundraiser benefitting Kerry Wood's Pitch In

Thank you for all the participants in this year's Hit-a-Thon! Because of all of the generous donations, we are able to donate over $10,000 to Kerry Wood's Pitch-In Foundation to support middle school children in Chicago’s under-served populations.

Below is a list of winning teams in each age group as well as the list of raffle item winners! Please reach out to HERE to claim your prize.


Neidhardt, Shoemaker, Macicioto, Seidel


Kritzler, Kateley, Butler, Moritz


Curchin, Dahm, Delaney, Tatarelis


Levoy, Berman, Randall, Wagner


Brown, Conniff, Gruner, Tucker


Valdes, Ng, Hernandez, Schiffmann


Raffle Winners:

Cubs Dream Day Package:

Luca Manicioto

Tickets to a concert at Wrigley:

Damen Kahn

Tickets to a concert at Wrigley:

Henry Bowers

Official May 6th, 1998, Scorecard kept by Pat Hughes during the famous 20 Strikeout Game, signed by both Kerry Wood and Pat Hughes. Winner can either take the scorecard right away or make a request for a personalized message to be written by Kerry:

George Hartman

Signed Baseball by Kerry Wood (6 total):

Maxwell Bouton, Cy Burque, Anthony Alomia, Mason Schumaker, James Davis, Alex Mats

30 minute pitching lesson with Kerry Wood (must be done before July 1):

Mason Butler

30 minute lesson with Charlie Tilson:

Mason Labinov

Private lesson at The Yard:

William Crossgrove

Private lesson at The Yard:

Tommy Lewis

$100 Wildfire Coupon:

Will Fiedler

Three month membership to The Yard:

Tommy Morgan

Questions about program, call 847-386-6308.
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